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We have a modern surgical facility located just outside Fort Collins, Colorado, well equipped with experienced personnel and specially engineered ventilation to maximize efficiency and sterility.

A USDA and OLAW Compliant Facility
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Recent Project Highlights!

Competitive and Responsive

CARE Research, LLC is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and device and drug development industries. We provide excellent-quality in-vivo laboratory services over a wide variety of species, large and small. Our facilities provide the best possible living environment for our research animals.

CARE Research advantages include:

  • Protocol development & Regulatory Guidance
  • Variety of animal models for preclinical trials
  • Multispecies pharmacokinetics (PK) & toxicokinetics (TK)
  • Toxicology, Feed, Nutrition & Range finding studies
  • GLP and GCP Studies
  • Surgery Suite (ideal for surgical devices & implants)
  • Specialty Surgical and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Extensive Experience with FDA, USDA, and EPA
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Expeditious Turnaround Time

A humane and compassionate preclinical research lab:

We conduct our research in a manner that emphasizes patient quality of life. Our facilities are fully compliant with USDA and OLAW regulatory requirements. Most vivarium facilities also meet the European Union animal welfare recommendations.