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We have a modern surgical facility located just outside Fort Collins, Colorado, well equipped with experienced personnel and specially engineered ventilation to maximize efficiency and sterility.

A USDA and OLAW Compliant Facility
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Competitive and Responsive

CARE Research is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and device and drug development industries. We provide excellent-quality in-vivo laboratory services over a wide variety of species, large and small. Our facilities provide the best possible living environment for our research animals.

CARE Research advantages include:

  • Protocol development & Regulatory Guidance
  • Variety of animal models for preclinical trials
  • Multispecies pharmacokinetics (PK) & toxicokinetics (TK)
  • Toxicology, Feed, Nutrition & Range finding studies
  • GLP and GCP Studies
  • Surgery Suite (ideal for surgical devices & implants)
  • Specialty Surgical and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Extensive Experience with FDA, USDA, and EPA
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Expeditious Turnaround Time

A humane and compassionate preclinical research lab:

We conduct our research in a manner that emphasizes patient quality of life. Our facilities are fully compliant with USDA and OLAW regulatory requirements. Most vivarium facilities also meet the European Union animal welfare recommendations. CARE is an AAALAC accredited facility.