Medical Device and Surgery Development

Our surgical facilities are designed for major surgery and medical device testing in small and large animals and can accommodate groups. Clinical pathology assays may be performed in-house for rapid analytical results.

We offer experimental surgeries including:

  • acute or survival procedures
  • cardiovascular models
  • laparoscopic surgical procedures
  • surgeon training programs
  • animal model development
  • thoracic, abdominal, vascular or orthopedic surgery models in pigs, dogs and sheep
  • osteoarthritis models in the dog, rabbit, and guinea pig
  • dermal hypersensitivity and dermal absorption/PK testing in pigs
  • metabolism studies
  • infusion models
  • atherosclerosis models
  • biomaterial and chemotherapy implants
  • small-animal cerebrovascular models including focal ischemia, global ischemia, and cranial window — and more.

Through our working relationship with the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University, we have access to equipment and facilities for the most complex studies:

  • Top diagnostic imaging including radiography, ultrasound and color flow Doppler imaging, fluoroscopy, CT scanning, MRI, and dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
  • Heart/lung bypass machine
  • Intra-operative radiation therapy