Subchronic (GLP or Non-GLP)

We offer subchronic toxicity studies that are repeat-dose studies usually ranging from 5 days to 6 months.

Our clients use the results of these studies to predict appropriate doses of the test substance for more definitive repeat-dose studies, or chronic toxicity studies, and to help them determine the MTD and NOELs for selected toxicology endpoints including target organs.

Our study data from subchronic studies in rodent and non-rodents is used to aid in the determination of doses, routes, formulations, and regimens to be used in potential clinical studies. Non-GLP subchronic studies use a minimum number of animals and end-points and are intended to provide data used to make a go/no-go decision with respect to more a GLP study or more definitive studies.

We offer species including mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, canine, swine, sheep, poultry, and large farm animals.