Our services feature:

Small Animals – Rats, mice, rabbits

  • PK/TK/ADME models
  • Toxicology and escalation models
  • Surgical device and implant models
  • Intravitreal microscopy

Large Animals – Dog, cat, swine, sheep, horse

  • PK/TK/ADME models
  • Feed and nutrition studies
  • Surgical device and implant models
  • Toxicology and range-finding studies

Specialized Models

  • Neurotoxicity and neurosurgical models
  • Arthritis models, including biomechanical analysis of gait
  • Reproductive and developmental toxicology models
  • Dermal toxicity and reactivity models
  • Fracture and healing models

Support Services

  • Protocol development and regulatory guidance
  • In-house hematology and clinical chemistry
  • Histopathology services